ABout Door Blocks™

Bill Rada was raised in his parents' hardware business where he became intimately familiar with construction needs. He often created his own specialized tools to fit specific needs to make the work easier, more efficient, and more economical.

As a career painting contractor with World Painting Company, Bill recognized the trouble painters encounter when painting doors. An average home has 15 doors and painters may have as many as six homes contracted at one time. A new construction apartment complex will have at least 500 doors, making door painting and storage a logical nightmare.

In an effort to work smarter, Bill created a paint block system known as DOOR BLOCKS™.

Originally created using two joined pieces of wood with dowel rods for handles, the DOOR BLOCKS™ are screwed into the ends of the door. Painters then use this process:

  • Place the doors on sawhorses
  • Paint one side
  • Flip the door using dowel rod handles
  • Paint the other side of the door
  • Move the doors for stacking and drying
  • Deliver doors untouched


With DOOR BLOCKS, two painters replace the typical crew of six, allowing the work to be completed faster and smarter. In addition, door drying, storage, and stacking space can be reduced.